Clean Solutions Rental Program

Enjoy the benefits of new laundry equipment without the capital outlay.

Laundry Rental Programs from Washburn Machinery are customized to your specific needs, allowing you to take advantage of the latest advancements in laundry technology without the cash outlay and zero laundry headaches. The experts at Washburn Machinery will work closely with you to select the right equipment and provide proper professional installation and employee training. We will also handle all maintenance including replacement parts, labor, and travel charges for the life of the agreement.

Why choose the CLEAN SOLUTIONS RENTAL PROGRAM from Washburn Machinery?

Conserve Cash – No large capital expenditure is required. The initial payment is the first and last month rental along with the installation and factory freight charges only. This preserves valuable lines of credit for other profit generating projects.

No service or maintenance – The Clean Solutions Rental Program includes free service (parts and labor) and regular maintenance by our team of factory trained technicians.

Tax Benefits – The monthly rental payment becomes an operating expense that may be tax deductible as rental payment verses depreciation.

Lower Utility Costs – New high-efficiency equipment can provide significant savings on water, sewer, and gas expenses while enhancing productivity and improving wash quality.

Fixed Cost – Provides an annual budgeting stability for the life of the rental agreement. No more surprise service expenses.

Total Flexibilty – Update your equipment with the newest technology or purchase the equipment outright at the end of the rental agreement.

To learn more about the Clean Solutions Rental Program call (800) 245-8425 or email

*Clean Solutions Rental Program is available in the Washburn Machinery authorized Unimac territory of Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin